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Poker Lingo

Air: A hand with no value (no pair) typically associated with a bluff

All-In: when all of the player’s money on the table is used for betting in one hand. Keep in mind, if additional bets are made, then a side pot is created. The all-in player is NOT entitled to the side pot.

Bad Beat: – When the player with higher odds of winning loses.

Bet: On your turn, a wager is made on the poker hand using your money on the table.

Big Slick: When your hole cards are an Ace and a King.

Blank: A community card that doesn’t help your hand.

Blinded off: A player who leaves the table temporarily, must still automatically post blinds; this process is referred to as blinded off.

Blinds: Are forced bets to promote betting. The person immediately clockwise of the dealer is the Small Blind; the person clockwise of the Small Blind is the Big Blind. Small Blind is half the amount of the Big Blind.

Bluff: Making players think you have a different hand from what you actually have. Typically a player bluffs to make other players fold, thus increasing their chances at the pot. OR a player bluffs to entice others to bet more than they would normally but making others think they have a much better hand.

Board: The five community cards on the table. aka Community Cards

Boat: Three of a kind plus a pair. aka Full House

Broadway: A 10-J-Q-K-A straight. aka Highest Straight

Burn a card: The top card of a deck is discarded face down before dealing the community cards. This process is known as “burn a card”.

Button: A round chip that identifies the dealer is known as the Dealer Button. This Dealer Button moves to the next player clockwise after the hand in play is completed. aka Dealer Button

Buy-in: The amount of money it will cost you to enter the game.
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