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List Of Bets For Craps

Come out Bet (or Pass Line Bet) is the first roll of the dice. Wherein, a pass line bet wins if a 7 or 11 is rolled on a come out roll. The pass line loses if it is craps (rolled a 2, 3 or 12). If a “point” is rolled (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10) it must be repeated before a 7 is rolled in order to win. You lose if a 7 is rolled before the point.

Odds on Pass Line bet – After a point is rolled you can make this additional bet by taking odds. Each point features different payoff odds. A 4 or 10 pays 2:1. A 5 or 9 pays 3:2. A 6 or 8 pays 6:5. You only win if the point is rolled again before a 7.

Don’t Pass Line bet – Essentially a reversed Pass Line bet. If the first roll of dice is a natural (7 or 11) you lose and; you win if it’s a 2 or 3. A roll of 12 means a tie or push with the casino. If the roll is a point (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10), a 7 must be rolled before that point is repeated in order to win. If a 7 is rolled first, you lose.

Don’t come Bet is the opposite of ‘come out’ bet. A player wins when a 2 or 3 are rolled out and he loses upon a 7 or 11. A 12 is considered a tie, and other dice rolls provide a win only if a 7 appears before them on the subsequent throws.

Odds on Come bet - The same rules as the Odds on Pass Line bet, except you take the odds on the Come bet instead of the Pass Line bet.

Field bets – These bets are for one roll only. If a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12 are rolled, you win. You lose your bet if the shooter rolls a 5, 6, 7 or 8. Payoffs are as follows… Even though the field includes every possible number, the four it leaves out are numbers that have many possible combinations. As a result, the field has a 55.5% chance of losing and a 44.5% chance of winning on any particular roll. The field is paid even money, except the two and twelve, which are paid double and triple the bet respectively in many casinos. That is 2 pays double (2:1) and 12 pays 3:1; Rest pay even 1:1. The field attracts many players and has claimed more victims. So, be careful when playing the field.

Proposition Bets - These bets can be made at any time. Excluding the hardways, all are one-roll bets:

Hardways: Wins if it’s thrown hard (sum of pairs: 1-1, 3-3, 4-4…) before it’s rolled easy (non-double) or a 7 is thrown. Payoffs: Hard four and 10, 8:1. Hard six and eight, 10:1.

One Roll Bets pay even better than hardways. This is a bet that the next roll will be whatever you are betting on, hence the name “one roll bet.” There is the 2 (1, 1), the 12 (6, 6), three or 11 or any seven.

Horn High here many players who make the Horn bet prefer to bet in $5 multiples so they will designate one number as the high number and bet $2 on it.

Horn and Hop bets are also ‘One Roll Bets’. Horn bets allow you to make four bad bets at once, a bet on the 2,3,11, and 12 one roll bets at once. This means the value of the bet must be divided by four. Example, $40 is a $10 bet on each. Hop bets do not have a place on the table to play. A hop bet will have to be called out before the dice are rolled a double 6.

Any Craps is also a one time roll bet, the next number rolled out is a craps number. If a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled out a player wins 7:1 or 8:1. Check the table before you play.

Craps 2 is when the next number rolled out is 2. It pays 30:1.

Craps 3 is when the next number rolled out is a 3. It pays 15:1 or 16:1. Check the table before you play.

Big 6 and Big 8 Bets which is placed on any roll of the dice. The player wins if a 6 or 8 come up before a 7. Both bets pay 1:1.

Any Seven is a onetime roll bet, the next number rolled out will be a total of seven and the payout is 4:1 or 5:1. Check the table before you play.

Yo- Eleven is when the next number rolled out is 11. It is called YO Eleven to avoid confusion with the similar pronunciation as 7. Wins if an 11 is rolled. Pays 16:1.

Craps 12 is when the next number is a 12. Players often call this number midnight, it pays 30:1.

World or Whirl is a combination of the Horn Bet and Any Seven Bet.

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