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How to win at Craps

How to win at CrapsHow to Win at Craps (Strategy 1)

Most of us have this wrong concept that all types of gambling will lead us to losing money, of course this is not entirely wrong, there are people losing their entire savings in gambling but there are also people earning fortunes through gambling. We have understood from long ago that the beauty of gambling, slots especially is in taking chances, but the truth is, there are people that could win money repeatedly in slots until they made their fortune. So, you may want to ask how to win at slots? How come these people can be so lucky and enviable?

Let’s be honest, there is no such thing as pure luck in this world, and luck alone in not going to lead you to winning every time. However, with a little bit of luck and this brilliant strategy I am going to show you, you will really learn how to win at slots. Winning money in online slots will never be a mystery nor an impossible mission. By following our strategy, you can really make serious money by playing online slots.

Crap slots is a form of dice game where gamblers can make their bets on the outcome of a series or one roll of a pair of dice. Bankroll management is of most importance in playing crap slots, everyone talks about it when it comes to the discussion of casino strategies, but you can hardly see it being implemented when people are gambling.  We tend to lose our rational mind and submit to our wildest, most passionate thoughts, making large bets in order to make the maximum winning, not knowing greedy is the largest taboo which is in essence, the main reason of every losses in gambling. Therefore, before you even start gambling, you should manage your bankroll efficiently to protect the capital and play for the long run.

The way craps work is, if the result of the roll is 2,3 and 12, the bet wins and you earn 7 times of your bet. However, keep in mind that it is impossible to win every time, therefore, it is important to make sure that you manage your money the smart way. So that you have money to play in the long run, and to make sure that you could stay in the game until you win your money back and some more.

Statistics have shown that losing in slots every time is also entirely impossible, therefore, aside from managing your money carefully and efficiently, it is also very important to develop a good playing strategy. How you play, how you place your bets could determine the outcome of your game.

Luckily, you have discovered this strategy I have developed, you wouldn’t need to walk in the dark and figure out everything on your own by experiencing countless of failures. I have endured all the hardship and failure, and managed to develop this strategy which is proved to be capable of leading slots players to winnings. All you will have to do is follow my instructions, stay calm throughout the game and start winning more money.

The way to start playing is this, you can start betting with any amount you favor and can afford to lose. In my case, I would like to start with one dollar, and if the bet did not a win, add $1 each time you make the subsequent bet, this cycle should continue until you finally win and then you should start all over again from $1. By following this playing strategy, you can ensure that you will have enough money to stay in the game until you finally win.

You should also keep in mind that you should not continue the game for too long. Through experience, I understood that after 20 rolls, the frequency of your losing will increase significantly, like high-frequency trading. Over frequent gambling have proven to be a highly dangerous thing and it is even more dangerous if you are playing with high stakes that you could not afford to lose. You should always know that no matter how dependable the statistics are, changes and variants will always occur in reality. Therefore, you should play with the money you can afford to lose. Greed is the largest factor of failure in gambling, stay calm and never over- commit to the game, always leave the table when you won enough.

So, you have now learned how to win at slots, while gambling always involved a certain amount of luck, learning strategy of how to win at slots would make a significant difference. These strategies would greatly increase you understanding and awareness and also help you to manage the risk more efficiently. In short, helping you to maximum winnings and minimize losses. In conclusion, you should follow all the strategies and precautions stated above under any circumstances to ensure that you could really win money from the casinos.


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