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Gaming without hassles

The 7Reels Casino opened its doors in January 2010, promising to offer an exceptional experience to online gamers. Looking at it now, the site deserves nothing less than a 7.5-star rating for it appears to have made substantive progress from where it started. Below we look at a number of its features to justify this rating.

Reel Software and security

The wise say the illiterate of this century are those who can’t learn, unlearn and relearn. 7Reels seeks not to be illiterate in terms of safeguarding gamers’ information because the threat of third party access to critical date can never be underestimated. Hence, it has put in place a fraud and finance team to ensure that all threats are addressed proactively. After passing through an SSL encrypted channel, a gamers’ credit card details are stored in servers that are protected by advanced firewall technology.

Reels of Bonuses

What any gamer wishes for is a befitting welcome to a gaming environment. 7Reels understands that and that is why there is a welcome bonus of $7,000 that a person gets after downloading their software. On top of the welcome bonus, 7Reels has a six-level VIP program to ensure that all gamers’ efforts are recognized. The levels start from VIP Bronze and end with VIP Ultimate Plus. Membership into any of those levels is by invitation only, depending on a user’s progress record.

Games Galore!

An online gamer won’t be disappointed by the 7Reels game menu. Be it multi-window, tabbed or auto-spin gaming, the software has everything that a gamer would wish for. It has slot games like Bankroll Reload, Crazy Pizza, Wild Sevens among others. It also stocks at least four video poker games, three table games, three table games and two card games. For those with advanced gaming tastes, there is Keno and Electronic Roulette to cater for their interests. As a rule, games in the 7Reels menu are provided with true classic casino form.

Uniqueness from others

7Reels stands ahead of the pack when it comes to the probability of winning. It has invested on a system that will foster trust from gamers because of its result-generation prowess. The system is a Random Number Generator (RNG) that is the official ‘dealer’ of the online casino. To be sure that all is well, 7Reel’s RNG and its monthly pay-out percentage are audited monthly by experts. This is not done for all other casinos.

A Reel Walk in the Park at banking

7Reels Casino works with a variety of payment methods to ensure that gamers have an easy time as they fix their eyes on the prize. For one who needs to deposit funds, the casino works with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Click2Pay, NetTeller. When it comes to withdrawal, the casino also offers a range of methods, making it music to the pockets of gaming enthusiasts. In an effort to encourage non-dependence on Visa and MasterCard, 7Reels rewards any gamer who makes an effort to get an alternative withdrawal method to the credit cards.

Reely True Customer Service!

7Reels is conducive for both novice and experienced gamers due to its customer service, which is available for 24 hours each day. The best part is that its hotlines are toll-free in the USA and Canada. Also, it supports chat with the helpdesk through an application on the online casino account. Below are the vital contacts:
Telephone (US and Canada): +1-800-274-7345 (toll-free)
Fax: +1-1-703-991-8879 (toll-free)

Our Reel conclusion

Generally, there is a lot to show for the time that 7Reels has been in the market. Its addition of Daytona Gold, the Witches’ Cauldron, Grave Grabbers and other innovative products shows that it has been committed to generating platforms that would serve gamers best. Also notable are the casino tournaments it has been organizing, which must have gone a long way in creating cohesion between those who use the platform. It will be justifiable, therefore, to state that 7Reels has created a niche in the online gaming industry that takes very long to create.

7 Reels Casino Bonuses



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